After our little journey to Poland we went to Lisbon last weekend. And let me tell you about the main difference: The weather – IT WAS WARM!  I was wearing T-shirt, did not freeze to death, the sun was shining and I felt like it’s summer soon!

We stayed in an apartment near the Praça do Comércio, next to a metro station.The metro  – I have to say – is monumental! It’s the truth, this thing is build for probably a million to use at the same time!

The place itself is quite beautiful, with expensive cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs. The “entrance” is the Arco de Rua Augusta and on the opposite side lies the river Tejo. Especially the “gate” to the river is enjoyable.




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 The next day we went on to explore the city by feet! Although there’s the famous tram “Line 28” we walked and walked not only to remain fit (haha) but also to realize all the art that is flooding Lisbon – without visiting a museum.



Cool idea – harbor area







 The next day we tried to find the famous flea market Feira Da Ladra which is located somewhere near the castle, but on the other side. You don’t know where that is? We didn’t know either. So we walked the wrong direction first, up to the castle, around the castle to the flea market. Maybe I didn’t mention it until now but, damn, Lisbon got so many stairs. It’s actually a city built on stairs, surrounded by them. In conclusion: it was a quite long and exhausting way to the flea market – but definitely worth it!


The flea market was way bigger than expected and set at a very picturesque location next to the water.



I never saw a teapot in a shape of balls before… 





At night we tried to search a nice Restaurant but due to some super dumb decisions we didn’t find it, searched for a street but it was in another town and the other one was reserved and so we chose a restaurant in the middle of the main tourist area with a fat guy singing “the top of the pops”, haha. Funny though – and tasty tapas! Afterwards we searched for a cool bar in the famous district Bairro Alto until we were tired…

Lisbon is not only famous for portwine, cork and fish but also for their beautiful houses! They are either colorful or decorated with beautiful tiles. Just have a look at these pictures:

 And, of course, we noticed the famous tram – but we walked by. It’s shape is nearly the same like in Budapest so I don’t know where the big deal is. Its cute though. Here you go:

Last but not least we took a ride to Bélem, which is known for its pasties and the Torro de Bélem. We went there twice, at night- and daytime. The district is just beautiful, clean and bright. We walked by the monument and took a look at the beautiful architecture. I thought that although it is beautiful – its also really boring to stay there longer than one hour.

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Lisbon is a great place with great people. definitely a city where I could live in! Beautiful buildings, great food and a friendly atmosphere! I hope you enjoyed reading this –

Next stop will be: ISTANBUL!


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