Hey Folks!

I am back! I apologize for the absence and that I haven’t written about the trips to Bratislava and Taiwan. But don’t worry, this one is a pretty entertaining story. It began with the spontaneous character of my girlfriend who thought about to go just somewhere during New Year’s Eve. I just said: “Yeah, why not! Hamburg sucks anyway on New Years Eve!” – and this is sad but true. If you are new, young or a tourist and you are in Hamburg you might think otherwise. Don’t worry, I won’t judge. I used to be like this, too. Of course. But nowadays parties in a random apartment (or in a friends one) aren’t as cool as they used to be and every shitty Club wants you to pay for entrance – even the most disgusting bars. Combined with a rather aggressive and very very drunk crowd I rather decided to flee. We had the choice between Sofia and Bukarest, due to me hesitating the flights to Sofia were no longer available so we just booked to Bucharest.

I gotta admit I was really excited. Bucharest still got the charm of an old “untouristic” capital somewhere in East Europe. Different from cities like Prague or Budapest – that does not mean I don’t like them!

We got a really cheap flight from Berlin’s, but I guess one can say Germany’s, ugliest Airport Schönefeld. Bah. It was packed with people, queues longer than I’ve ever witnessed. Anyway, the flight was ok and we arrived in Bucharest safe and sound. From the airport it is easy to get to the city centre – you can choose between bus or taxi. We chose the bus because cheaper although the taxis aren’t too expensive if you compare with Germany. We were lucky and the ticket machine was broken so we went for free. 🙂 With searching, going to the wrong direction at first and stuff like that we arrived at our room after one hour.


What a beautiful view!


And now for something completely different! If you just want to check the pictures you better scroll down because now I am going to tell a horrible story about what happened:

After we dropped our bags in our room and got ready to go out we walked down the street. Our destination was the city center, we wanted to witness the main fireworks and see how the people are celebrating. It was around 11.15 pm. So we were walking along the sidewalk until my girlfriend M. suddenly tripped over a small concrete stone in the middle of the sidewalk, it happened in front of a café where people were having a private party. We were so happy to be together, to enjoy the holiday together, to experience and to explore new things and suddenly this happened. So she fell down and all of our luck was immediately destroyed once I noticed, while I was helping her to get up again, that theres a lot of blood which shouldn’t be there. She had a shock and the second I saw her – me too. Her lip bursted, a piece of a tooth splintered and another tooth was turned around.  After I realized what the fuck just happened I brought her to the café, told the people to call an ambulance as fast as possible! We went to the bath room, we both cried. That was one of the most shocking moments in my life so far. I felt so helpless. The people were really nice and helped me to translate what happened towards the ambulance. What really made me angry was that they refused to take me with her. She was crying inside, I couldn’t do anything. As if that wasn’t enough they also, at first, even refused to tell me the name of the hospital they want to take her. Fuck. I begged them to tell me, asked a woman to translate for me and to explain how important it is for me to know where the hell the fucking hospital is. Finally they told me. I ran to our flat to get the passport, insurance ID and so on and afterwards tried to take a taxi. A taxi? In Bucharest at 11.30 pm on New Year’s Eve?! Forget it. What was I supposed to do?! I ran. I ran twenty minutes desperately to the hospital. I finally reached it around 11.50 and they allowed me to see her. I will never forget her facial expression. After I told her that I am there and that I have to wait and to sit outside – Happy New Year! The worst ever. One and a half hours later she was released, the doctors only did the bare necessities and they didn’t do them good. They kind of fixed the teeth for the moment but we left the hospital with a bad feeling. At least we were free to leave. We decided to get medicine from a 24h pharmacy (antibiotika and other things) and asked our AirBnB host for help. I’m still so grateful what she did for us. You have to understand, it’s New Year, 3 am in the morning and we went there, knocked and asked if she can help us to find a 24h pharmacy and she even brought us there! I really appreciate it and if you read this: you are always welcome in our home! 🙂

The other person who helped us more than I ever expected was a guy I already met in the hospital. He found out that I’m from Germany and he was speaking german, too. So he told me every detail in the hospital and even gave me his phone number if I have questions about what we are supposed to do and where to find a dentist and things like that. To be honest I was really a little suspicious in the beginning. I never experienced this kind of friendliness and help towards somebody you don’t know. So after we went back home the pain was temporary gone and we finally could go to sleep after being awake about 24 hours in total. We slept the whole day and were able, due to the painkiller she took, to walk around a little and actually take a look at the beautiful city of Bucharest.

The palace of the parliament was very near to our place and overwhelming! It’s just huge and one of the largest buildings in the world. Quite central at the end of a boulevard Unirii, where you can witness the socialist/communist era with your own eyes. You should  find out why and by who it was built. When standing there it looks stunning but once you found out what had to be destroyed, erased to build this gigantic house you gotta hold back your tears…

We couldn’t visit anymore places this day because it was late already and I contacted the friend from the hospital. He offered to help us with finding a dentist on the 2nd. Which is  twice as hard because a) we are foreigners and despite a blinking tooth as a sign I wouldn’t even know where to find one and b) it was the 2nd of January and, so we were told, nearly everybody is having holiday until the 3rd. The next morning he even came with a taxi to our place to pick us up and brought us to a dentist in a district quite far away. Would you do this for people you don’t know? Everything worked out quite well and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day with walking around. Now that I write these lines I am still so grateful for your help! I will always remember and you are always welcome!

Now more about Bucharest since we were now able to walk around and to take a closer look at the city. My first impression was that it’s a true coffee city, which I like and that is why I can imagine going back and it looks like it has a fucking lot of potential!

Just enjoy these pictures:


We reached this area by feet. We really enjoyed walking around this neighbourhood with the small houses


The tiny houses with their detailed front remind me of the heritage district in Penang, Malaysia.


This place called “fabrica” was sadly closed all the time, like more or less everything was closed.




We checked out some clubs and bars but we were rather disappointed. I don’t know if I wrote that already, if not: do not trust the “vice guide”. It’s a lie and the places they recommend sucked. The club they recommend was more like a place for Yuppis ( jaja blalba tourists blabla) but come on. There are better bars to hang around. Also the Vietnamese Restaurant (of course we had to go to one at least once) was also not the best I’ve seen so far. The food was cold and they haven’t had any drinks, haha. Anyway we found a very nice Vietnamese place right next to the city centre, to the right there was a “german” supermarket, selling brands and “german” stuff that I’ve never seen nor heard of before. Hilarious stuff they offer. Bucharest is a good place for eating outside. We ordered a lot and were treated very well. As for germans there’s a lot of Kebab/Shawarma which is written “Shaorma”. We all know the KebapLovingdönereating Germans, right 😉

In hindsight, everything we did was drinking coffee, walking around and worrying about her teeth and the wounds. So we definitely need to come back. Now more pictures! And if you are still reading this, you have to check out the history of Bucharest! Not only the old and new architecture but also the gigantic socialist remains where people are now protesting. The art scene is worth to be visited, too! Maybe one day I’m going to write something about this beautiful city!




This is probably what people mean when they talk about Bucharest of the “old Berlin”


This is actually the entrance of a private museum




Government building, reminds me of Budapest


Fabrica again, how cool is it!







Beautiful street art everywhere


Despite the horrible accident, this city is just beautiful and if possible – go there!

Next: Barcelona!